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Stellisons Electrical is the first UK retailer to invest in Pioneer Group’s troniTAG electronic shelf labelling technology, to its flagship Kitchen showroom as the first in a number of roll outs from the retailer.

Specialists in IT and AV integration projects, Pioneer, installed 260 of troniTAG’s electronic shelf labels in Stellisons’ South Benfleet kitchen showroom, totally transforming the layout and complementing the sleek and high-end design of its kitchen displays, which includes brands such as Miele, Neff, Siemens and Bosch.

Part of the Euronics Group, which celebrates Independent Electrical Retailers and has 30 member countries across Europe and 11,000 specialist stores and branches, Stellisons has ten sites in the UK, nine of which are retail outlets.  Stellisons is planning a roll out of an additional 4000 troniTAGs across its UK branches in 2017 and Q1 of 2018.

Managing Director, Steve Scogings, says;

“This electronic shelf labelling has completely changed the way we approach our price ticketing of items in our showroom.  This technology means that staff spend less time printing out tickets for individual appliances and focus instead on other areas of the business.  We’re also spending less on printing costs and the battery life of five years for each shelf label means we’ll be able to see an ROI over time. We change the prices once per day in line with our online prices.”

In addition to immediate pricing changes, brands are also able to send artwork when they’re running promotions which can be included on the screen of the individual troniTAGs, allowing Steve and his team to upload specific vendor content through the online management system.

The team are also looking to work with new apps and consumer information systems to create interactive elements like QR codes which link to the item’s efficiency data and enable easy comparison when browsing in store.”

Thanks to its one in a million failure rate, the reliability of this technology is what makes it stand apart from the competition, says Paul Childerhouse, Director at Pioneer;

“Our partnership with LG Innotek enables customers to not only demonstrate that they are at the forefront of retail innovation but, as is the case with Stellisons, it also brings an added value to the operational side of the business.  Investing in troniTAG’s electronic shelf labelling means our customers have a completely future-proof solution for their price ticketing systems; an industry leading failure rate and long battery life ensures total reliability for the end user.  We will be integrating the ESL into our Smart Retail Solutions, enabling store promotions, EPOS and shelf edge to be synchronised to one common platform.”