New Era

Digital signage window display

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American headwear retailer New Era required digital signage for the window of two of its London stores, including its flagship store on Carnaby Street, to attract passersby with new campaigns videos.

Working with the creative design agency Whiteroom, we specified and installed a Samsung 49” Smart Large Format display into the Carnaby Street window, chosen for its high bright capabilities. Limited on space, the display is fitted onto a floor window display stand, with a custom rear cover to mask the back of the display mechanics, preventing the need to block off the full shop window.

In the retailer’s Stratford store, we installed an 86” 86UH5C display from LG Electronics. Housed in a custom floor stand, the high definition display was the ideal solution for the large window space, enabling New Era to take advantage of digital signage in an area, which is exposed to a range of lighting conditions.