Venue /ˈvɛnjuː/

noun: venue; plural noun: venues

“the place where something happens, especially an organized event such as a concert, conference, or sports competition.”

Solution /səˈluːʃ(ə)n/

noun: solution; plural noun: solutions

“a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.”


Pioneer Venue Solutions (PVS) offer a variety of services across a range of different functional areas operating at a Venue. We can undertake an operational audit of your existing function and make recommendations for how you can make positive changes to improve the operation – changes which will benefit the bottom-line and enhance the visitor experience.

Accessible Stadia

Since the SGSA published the additional guidance to the 2003 Accessible Stadia Guide in 2015 all Stadia in the UK are required to ensure that they are either compliant with the guide or can evidence that they are working towards compliance. Pioneer Venue Solutions can undertake a compliance review to establish the venues current position with regards Accessibility and can identify solutions to enable the venue to make positive steps towards compliance.

Access Control

The efficiency of a venues Access Control system is critical to the success of the Event Day operation. If the access control system goes down, then the venue is forced to employ manual overrides to allow access to the venue which can then present security and control concerns. Resilience within the system is essential, as is resilient integration between the Access Control system and the backend Ticketing system.

In addition, the traditional 2D barcode (printed on a physical ticket) is changing and the current holy grail of Access Control features a system that allows for any combination of RFID cards, 2D Barcodes, Print at Home (P@H) and Mobile tickets to all be accepted and a system that updates in real time as tickets are sold.

Pioneer Venue Solutions can undertake a full review of the existing Access Control system and further undertake a feasibility study looking at a change to the system to allow the 4 different ticket types to be accepted.


One of best ways to improve a venues PSIA score is to ensure the operator is fully aware of who is on site and when through a robust accreditation system.

Often a venue will go from a handful of staff on-site on a non-event day through to potentially thousands on staff on Event day and with a combination of Salaried, Casual and Agency staff. A robust accreditation system allows you to not only manage the physical accreditation but also link it to payroll / invoicing by giving a true reflection of the hours an employee is on site.

Pioneer Venue Solutions can undertake a full review of the existing accreditation systems utilised by the venue and make recommendations which will offer a more robust and resilient Accreditation system.

Advertising (in Venues)

The traditional advertising platforms at venues (Perimeter LED, Stand branding, snapframes, hoardings etc…) are changing and new opportunities are being presented on a regular basis. What this means is that without paying due focus to the opportunity, venue operators are leaving money on the table by not capitalising on opportunities.

Pioneer Venue Solutions can undertake a review of the existing Advertising inventory in a venue and make recommendations to incorporate new advertising sites and new advertising mediums to bring greater commercial returns to the venue.

Atmosphere initiatives

The atmosphere at a Venue is one of the most commented on aspects of the Event Experience and Venue owners and operators can often implement a number of infrastructure initiatives to enhance the Atmosphere.

Pioneer Venue Solutions can undertake a full infrastructure review of the venue focussing on Atmosphere. This review focuses on both the Physical Aspects of the Venue such as the Acoustic configuration and the placement of various supporter groups and also the softer Visitor led initiatives such as fanzones and catering initiatives. Typically, an Atmosphere review will involve crowd analytics and visitor focus groups as well as 3D Acoustic modelling. Following the initial review, Pioneer will make recommendations for how the venue could make tangible improvements to the venue infrastructure to enhance the atmosphere for the attendees.

Broadcast Facilities

With both the Premier League & UEFA broadcast cycles starting afresh in 2019/20 it is inevitable that the new cycles will bring a number of changes to Section K that the venues will need to adhere to.

Pioneer Venue Solutions can undertake a review of the venues current broadcast compliance and make recommendations for how to future-proof the venue based on the particular needs of each competition and broadcaster. For smaller venues with aspirations of moving through the leagues this will likely include a full infrastructure review and revisions to the venue camera plan.

Building Management System

When undertaking Operational Audits Pioneer Venue Solutions will often focus on a number of different elements which are all centrally controlled through the buildings BMS (Building Management System). With a fully operational and efficient BMS system a venue can truly ensure the building is ran to the optimal efficiency.

Our BMS reviews not only focus on the System itself but on the functionality of each of the component parts with recommendations made to ensure efficiencies across the systems operability.

Business Rates

Many businesses simply accept the given Business rate as a mandate and don’t research or challenge the rate to ensure they are not paying over the odds for Business Rates.

Working with our partners at Rydall Utilities, Pioneer Venue Solutions, can establish the correct Business Rate a venue should be paying and ensure this is applied for payments going forwards. Furthermore, PVS can assist in reclaiming any overpayments made on the incorrect rate dating back to 2015 when the rates should have been published.

It is worth noting that from 2022 all businesses will legally be required to undertake a self-assessment to establish the correct rate they should be paying. No refunds will be issued for any overpayments outside of the last year on the incorrect rates (ie the overpayment for 2021 would be issued but nothing prior to that).


One of the most common complaints from Event attendees is the time it takes to clear a car-park when the event egresses. Car-Parks are often marked out to maximise the commercial return but do not take in to consideration the customer experience.

Pioneer Venue Solutions can come and undertake a study of a Venues existing or potential Car-Parks and make recommendations on 2 fronts; Space Optimisation (gaining as many spaces as possible) & Time Optimisation (reducing the egress time as much as possible). Many Car-Park reviews are taken hand-in-hand with a Traffic Management study as the two directly impact on one another.



Communication (in-Venue)

The way that Operational teams communicate with one another is critical for the holistic running of a venue. Often, individual teams operate off individual radio systems with no interaction

Concerts – Review, venue suitability, sourcing concerts, commercial negotiation, promoter liaison, Event delivery, SAG management, VHA, solutions

Concourse Management – Flows, queue management, enhancements

Conference & Events – Review, insource/outsource, “sweat the asset”

Connected Stadium – Wifi/DAS review, solutions & recommendations

Control Room Set-Up and Management – Review, technology, personnel, solutions

Contracting – Venue Hire Agreements, Consultancy agreements, templates

Cleaning – Review, solutions

Crowd Management – Review, calculations, flows, solutions

Digital Enhancement – Review, technology recommendations, managed solutions through Pioneer digital

Electric Car Charging

Emergency / Contingency Planning – Review, escalation plans, Plan production, Solutions

Events  – Event Feasibility Studies, Event Project Management, Event Consultancy, Event Delivery

Event Activations – Mosaics, Surfer Flags, bands, giveaways, staging

Fanzones – Feasibility Study, scoping, development, delivery solutions

Food Hygiene / Food Safety – strategy and management, solution

Floodlighting – Review, recommendations, solutions

Hospitality – Operational management review, recommendations, solutions

Licensing (Premises / Concert) – Licensing Review, recommendations (efficiency savings)

Lighting Projects – Review of current lighting levels/set-up, recommendation, switch to LED

LED Screens / Perimeter / Mid-tier – Review, recommendations, solutions

Logistics – Print/Fleet/Mail review, efficiency recommendations, solutions

Look & Feel – Review, recommendation, solutions, design, implementation

Matchday Management – Review, Meeting structure, documentation review, templates management tools

Operations Manual – Review, rewrite, update, recommendations, solutions

Pitch – Review, recommendations, solutions

Planning tools – Template Master Checklist, Master Document Schedule

Procurement – policy review, process management, recommendations

PRS / PPL Licensing – License review, effitiency savings, managed solutions

Risk Assessments – Review, writing, template structure, solutions

Safe Standing – Review of suitability, briefing paper / venue champion, recommendations

Safety Officer – Ad-hoc Safety Officer services

Security (both Non-Event & Event Day) – Review, recommendations, solutions

Signage (Fixed) – Review, recommendations, solutions

Signage (Digital) – Review, recommendations, managed solutions through Pioneer Digital

Site Design – Review, flow analysis, recommendations, solutions

Site Management – Management services for special event build/break periods

Special Events – Full turnkey Special Event management services, sourcing, planning, delivery

Stewarding – Review, recommendations, solutions

“Sweat the Asset” Venue Utilisation – Review, recommendations, solutions

Ticketing – System Review, structure, recommendations, Implementation

Traffic Management – Review, recommendations, solutions

Training (Staff) – Review existing training, train the trainer, recommendations

Venue Development – Review, design, End-Operator advice, recommendations, solutions

Venue Management – Holistic Venue Management services

Wayfinding – Review, recommendation, implementation

Waste Management – Review, recommendation, implementation