Since 2016, our partnership with Google has enabled us to bring some of the most innovative products to meeting spaces and digital signage networks.  Google solutions provide businesses with the benefits of instant global connectivity and collaboration in the workplace.  Its fast and efficient video conferencing solutions allows businesses of all sizes and budgets to participate in company meetings at anytime from anywhere in the world.


ASUS Hangouts Meet Hardware Bundle

This smart, one-touch video-conferencing with stunning HD resolution enables meetings with anyone, anywhere at any time – all through Google Hangouts Meet.  Up to 50 people can join from a computer, phone or conference room with a unique dial-in number and PIN security for every meeting.  Auto-zoom technology from the 4K Ultra HD camera ensures images are focused on participants, improving team efficiency through real-time collaboration.

The Touchscreen Control Panel provides one-touch meeting management and a high quality Hangout Meet Speakermic box employs echo-cancellation and noise cancellation technologies to deliver crystal clear audio.  Working with Google Calendar, this bundle works in sync so that offices can coordinate meetings more effectively and participants can share screens remotely.

This is the perfect hardware kit for a larger room, as everyone can hear and be heard.  Take a look at this video for some tips on Google Hangouts best practice in the workplace:

ASUS Chromebox for meetings standard Bundle

This standard bundle is recommended as a solution for smaller meeting rooms of up to eight people and can be accessed from a variety of different sources, including mobiles, conference rooms and laptops; allowing you to connect with up to 25 simultaneous video sessions all over the world. 

Along with a noise filter microphone, mute, end call and volume buttons, the all-in-one Microphone/Speaker ensures speech clarity due to its digital signal processing.  The entire bundle can be used with a wireless remote control.

Google Jamboard

The Jamboard has been introduced by Google as a collaborative, digital whiteboard built for the cloud.

Designed for video conference calls, brainstorming, collaboration and the free flow of ideas, it is easy to use, portable and quick to set up.  Up to 16 users can simultaneously work on the 55” display, either by being present in the conference room, or remotely via an app.

Complete with wide-angle camera and built-in microphones, the Jamboard can either be wall mounted or used with a rolling stand and features handwriting and shape recognition ensuring that any scrawls are made legible.

Digital Signage

Chrome provides reliable, manageable and affordable device management platforms for all your digital signage needs. This easy to use solution can be used to manage one screen or thousands from a single console.

Chrome devices are built with reliability, speed and simplicity at the core. This, along with a range of devices from dongles to commercial grade media players, makes Chrome the ideal all round solution.

ASUS Chromebit  

The ASUS Chromebit is a small device (measuring just 12cm long) that can turn any screen into a display. Simple to set up; plug the device into the HDMI input on any monitor and connect a separate keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth or a USB dongle. It runs the latest Chrome OS and features automatic updates and anti-virus software keeping the digital environment secure.

AOPEN Chromebox Mini

The Chromebox Mini is the smallest enterprise-ready on the market. It is highly reliable and can operate 24/7. It has been specifically designed for the digital signage, POS, kiosk and corporate market working smoothly on Google’s Chrome OS.

ASUS Chromebox

The ASUS Chromebox is designed to work perfectly within Google’s Chrome OS. It allows users to store work in the cloud giving you instant access to all data and files within the cloud, and comes with 100GB of free Google Drive storage. The Chromebox is easy to set up, and can be connected to multiple displays including any VESA-mountable monitors.


Chrome Device Management – Chrome Enterprise

This license gives a user the ability to access all the settings needed to configure, deploy, and monitor all their Chrome devices.  This includes control of:

– user access

– guest mode

– restricting the applications users can use

– screen lock when not in use

– customisation of features

– setting up device access to networks and more from the web-based chrome management administration console.

These features allow the devices to be pre-configured before they are turned on for the first time.

Kiosk License

This license allows management at device level and gives the user the ability to access the settings that are needed to configure, deploy and monitor a Chrome device running as a single-app kiosk.

It’s specifically designed for purpose built devices that use a single application, such as digital signage or point-of-sale systems in store.


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