Google partnership announced

We are delighted to announce a direct partnership with world renowned technology giant Google to bring the collaborative Google Chromebox for Meeting solution to the UK.

The solution aims to break down the barriers of real time visual communication adoption by providing companies of all sizes and budgets access to fast and efficient video conferencing for instant global connectivity with no device limitation.

The solution is deployable in minutes and is accessed via a chrome browser, making it easy for participants to join. The screen of anyone on the call can also be viewed by simply adding to the start of the address. This can take place from any devise for those on the move. Pioneer will be bringing this to the meeting room environment through scalable AV packages that easily transform a space into a collaboration environment for as few as two through to 20 people.

This has been achieved with minimal core components that include the all important Chromebox from Asus, a Logitech PTZ Pro Camera, microphone and speakers with wideband frequency and omni directional audio and a professional LG display.

Google are excited to be supporting Pioneer and commented, “This event is a great opportunity for people to discover Google’s Chrome devices for meetings and digital signage products and experience for themselves how this innovative solution can benefit both them and their business. Implementing this affordable software solution provides any business with the benefits of instant global connectivity and collaboration to any customer, employee or supplier and cut costs.”